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ByBhupender Singh

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1Verse Unveils First Digital Electric Car Dealership In the Metaverse 

1Verse and Tyremarket.com have introduced the first fully metaverse-based car dealership using 1Verse’s metaverse to the real-world platform. This partnership will lead to the sales of two-wheel and three-wheel electric cars in India.

Tyremarket.com is the leading automotive tire marketplace and aftermarket parts in India. This partnership will promote the sales of two and three-wheel electric vehicles (EVs) across India. Besides, two-wheel vehicles are the most common mode of transportation in Southeast Asia and India.

The founder of 1Verse, Suhas Kundapoor, stated that 1Verse provides consumers with access to metaverse EV sales as real-world shopping has limited options. 

Additionally, the founder said the company is trailing the path to zero-carbon emissions as it promotes electric transportation. 1Verse’s interactive metaverse/real-world fusion enables shopping at local metaverse stores.

Furthermore, users can access the platform using a mobile phone and multiple computer screens. Tyremarket.com, through one of its subsidiaries, will offer sales expertise, technology enhancements, local EV distribution, and access to millions of Indian users. 

Meanwhile, 1verse has more than 12,000 physical locations all over India. This will make it easy for consumers to access several EV brands directly. This action places the organization at the forefront of emission reduction and electric transportation. 

Prashanth Joshua, the founder of 1Verse, stated that 1Verse provides a digital platform that offers storefronts for metaverse EV sales. Users no longer have to travel far to an EV store. 

Joshua stated that users could examine, evaluate, customize, and test drive EVs before buying from wherever they are. Meanwhile, once 1Verse hits its target in India, it will try other regional markets with its business model.

1Verse Championing Carbon Emission Reduction With Digital EV Sales

According to Kundapoor, millions of people in Africa and Asia rely majorly on two and three-wheelers. These are the vehicles they use for commercial and personal transit. Hence, 1Verse targets these vehicles to ensure a smooth transition from fossil fuel to EV.

In addition, 1Verse supplies its dealerships with VR headsets. This enables them to function as a virtual metaverse showroom for EV two-wheelers, delivering clients with rich, immersive activities similar to those found at physical dealerships. 

Therefore, users can now view two-wheelers and learn more about these vehicles from expert salesmen. These experts are remotely located in one position, responding to users virtually.

Users can also schedule time for test drives allowing EV makers to have good leads for potential customers. This is much better than waiting for customers 5o enter a physical shop.

EVs are simply one method but a critically important way that 1Verse can enhance customer choice in Asia, Joshua remarked. 

Major populations dispersed throughout numerous mid-sized urban regions with few physical stores generate strong demand for virtual, yet trustworthy, purchasing of many things, most notably large consumer gadgets like electric automobiles.

1Verse fills an unmet demand in areas where large manufacturers’ sales and distribution networks do not reach. Limits in choice, access, and trustworthy sales and assistance will stymie EV adoption, but 1Verse has a solution.

Furthermore, 1Verse is priming the globe to transition to electric vehicles by bringing high-touch digital sales and secure transactions to India first, then to surrounding Asia markets.

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