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A crypto offer is a promotional offer that exchanges, among other crypto platforms, use to attract new traders and reward existing ones. 

Exploring Crypto Offers

There are various types of crypto promotions and bonuses, including sign-up, crypto rewards, and referral bonuses. The sign-up bonus is usually given to new users who open an account with the crypto exchange. It differs from other promotions as it usually comes after the user has verified their account and deposited a certain amount of money into their account. Some exchanges might require users to make a trade before they can receive the sign-up bonus.

A crypto reward is a promotional offer that requires the user to perform certain activities to receive a bonus. For instance, Coinbase’s reward program, known as Coinbase Earn, gives users free cryptocurrency. To get free crypto, users need to watch a couple of videos about different cryptocurrencies and complete a quiz or test.

Lastly, customers can also receive free crypto through a crypto referral bonus. Here, an online broker or exchange provides a unique registration link for their users. When new users sign up for an account, they receive a crypto referral bonus. The amount of free money or crypto the user receives depends on the number of people referred to them.

Summary of Crypto Offers 

PlatformOfferHow it Works
Coinbase$5 in bitcoin on your first trade on Coinbase

Spin to earn between $3 – $200 – new users

$10 for referral bonus where the friend account must trade within 180 days of account registration

Up to 4% back in crypto rewards on every eligible purchase using a Coinbase card

Seasonal bonuses and giveaways

Coinbase, one of the world’s biggest crypto platforms, is helping to grow the adoption of cryptocurrencies globally. Through their partnership with Coinbase, users can earn free crypto rewards by learning about different types of digital coins. You can get $5 in BTC on your first trade on Coinbase and spin to earn between $3 to $200. There is also a $10 referral bonus and up to a 4% cash back on using the Coinbase card. Meanwhile, Coinbase offers seasonal bonuses and giveaways.
Exodus0% fees using credit/debit card

Earn rewards via the Exodus rewards app staking feature

Seasonal rewards

Exodus offers various reward programs that are designed to help people buy various types of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and SOL. To start enjoying the benefits of the platform, all you have to do is download its application and create a new wallet on the platform.
FTXZero fees on FTX card5% fee discount new customer offer for referrals

FTX Visa card offers investment returns rather than cash backs

Although FTX has fewer giveaways than other platforms, it still provides a variety of perks. One of these is the bonus that is given based on the number of deposits. It also has a visa card that allows investors to earn money back. Users also earn a 5% fee discount on referrals and 0 trading fees on the FTX card.
KuCoinMystery boxes worth up to $500 exclusively for new users

Seasonal rewards and offers

KuCoin’s 5th anniversary 0 Fees for Trading BTC & ETH(expires 19th October)

Reward programs for specific trading options

399 limited-edition Astro Boy NFTs to qualified users for this event(from 14th to 16th October)

The registration process for KuCoin is relatively simple, as it only requires the users to provide their Know Your Customer (KYC) details when they use their bank cards to make transactions. After completing various tasks, the new user can earn money by completing various tasks. The users can then spend the claimed money on whatever they want. The exchange has various seasonal rewards, which are based on their trading targets and competitions. To be notified about the latest offers, users should regularly go through the exchange’s news page.KuCoin offers mystery boxes worth up to $500 for new users. It is also running its 5th-anniversary offer of 0 fees for trading BTC and ETH. In addition, it offers seasonal offers that it announces on its social media pages and website.
Blockfolio renamed FTXGet free crypto on every trade over $10

500 points referral bonus

Earn up to 8% on all crypto deposited in the exchange

FTX was formerly known as Blockfolio after it was acquired in 2020. The exchange pirates were a part of the main platform, but they were renamed after it was acquired. It has various features and rewards, and it requires its users to follow its rules to be eligible for its various perks.


Coinbase is a digital asset exchange and trading platform allowing users to trade, buy, and sell over 100 cryptocurrencies. It has over 98 million users and is valued at $256 billion.

After creating an account, users receive a personalized $5 reward on the screen, with limited time available. This offer is only available to new users who have not verified their identity. 

Eligible US residents also have an opportunity to spin the wheel of rewards. The user can randomly receive $3 to $200. A reward between $3 and $5 in USD or Bitcoin will be offered to 89% of new users who spin the wheel. In contrast, 11% of unique users who spin the wheel will receive a reward between $6 and $200.

A $10 referral bonus is also offered for you and your friend. The friend account must trade within 180 days of account registration for the reward to be issued. In addition, there is a 4% back in crypto rewards on every eligible purchase using a Coinbase card. Notably, seasonal bonuses and giveaways are also awarded periodically.


Exodus was created in 2015 by J.P Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli. It was initially launched in July 2016. The platform is regarded as one of the most user-friendly digital asset management tools due to its clean interface and minimal design.

It is a decentralized and tokenized crypto wallet that allows users to store and exchange various types of cryptocurrencies. It also allows users to connect to a central exchange. With over 230 cryptocurrencies, users have total control over their private keys and assets.

Although most of its alternatives don’t provide any rewards, Exodus has a few. Its rewards app allows users to collect them by holding their assets. This feature is located within the wallet.

Besides collecting rewards, the wallet also provides various bonuses, such as the 0% fee it charges for buying various assets, such as Bitcoin. These efforts make it an interesting platform.


KuCoin is a popular crypto trading platform launched in 2017 in Hong Kong. It aims to provide people worldwide with a simple and safe way to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It has quickly become one of the most popular platforms in the crypto community. It has also grown its user base by over 11 million in just five years.

KuCoin supports over 700 cryptocurrencies, and its low fees are typically 0.1%. In addition, high-volume traders and investors can receive up to 20% discount on their fees when they pay with the KCS coin. Besides being able to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies, users can also enjoy various other trading methods.

KuCoin offers mystery boxes worth up to $500 exclusively for new users. It also offers seasonal rewards and offers and rewards programs for specific trading options. 

KuCoin is also celebrating its 5th anniversary by offering 0 Fees for trading BTC & ETH, and it expires on 19th October. In addition, it is launching its 399 limited-edition Astro Boy NFTs to qualified users for this event which will run from the 14th to the 16th of October. 


FTX crypto exchange was launched in May 2019 by Gary Wang and Sam Bankman-Fried. It has received early support from Alameda Research, a quant crypto trading firm that Bankman-Fried co-founded in October 2017. Although Bankman-Fried has since handed over the CEO role, he remains the company’s co-founder.

FTX focuses on trading. It has a wide range of products and services, such as derivatives, options, and leveraged tokens. The platform provides professional and experienced traders with an easy-to-use trading experience. It also offers basic spot trading.

The platform offers zero fees on FTX cards. There is also a 5% fee discount for new customer offers for referrals. FTX Visa cards also offer investment returns rather than cash backs

Unlike its competitors, this exchange doesn’t have a lot of free money offers. However, it allows users to cycle their funds daily. It’s also important to keep an eye on it as it’s expanding its territory, and it might introduce a more extensive rewards system in the future.


One of the earliest exchanges in the crypto world, Blockfolio, was acquired by Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX in 2020. The deal was worth around $150 million. Despite changing its name, the exchange retained some of its best features, such as its reward system.

Aside from giving its users free funds, Blockfolio also has various other perks. One of these is its cashback system, which provides users with around 8% of the deposits made on the exchange. That is considered one of the market’s most competitive reward systems.

The referral program of Blockfolio is also very rewarding. It allows users to earn reward points by referring others. The exchange then gives out free coins to the referees who follow the rules and deposit their first $10. This system helps incentivize its users to refer their friends.


Free crypto is a great alternative for people who don’t have the money to put into the market directly or mine for coins. These programs are usually good alternatives for those looking to diversify their investments. However, it’s not clear how long this will last. Crypto platforms are giving away free coins to attract new users, but they might not be so generous when the market gets more saturated.

Many people are skeptical about the idea of getting free crypto. It sounds like a scam, and it’s usually a good idea to be suspicious if someone asks you for money in the middle of the night. However, these methods are relatively safe since they use some of the best platforms in the crypto space.

Although you can take advantage of the cryptocurrency market with these offers, it’s still important to be careful about who you’re dealing with in the market. In the future, the data collected by users will be worth more than any asset on the planet. 

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