AllianceBlock Becomes INATBA’s Advisory Board Member for Better Blockchain Policy and Regulation

ByBhupender Singh

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AllianceBlock Becomes INATBA’s Advisory Board Member for Better Blockchain Policy and Regulation

  • The membership will enable AllianceBlock to contribute towards improved policy and regulation for the blockchain industry.
  • AllianceBlock can use the opportunity to connect with crypto and blockchain projects that need its array of DeFi solutions.

The decentralized blockchain platform, AllianceBlock, has announced that it has become an advisory member of the international association for trusted blockchain applications (INATBA), an umbrella body for blockchain stakeholders globally. The firm announced this via a detailed Medium Post on October 14, 2022.

As a member of this body, AllianceBlock will assist with interaction with global regulators regarding the best way they can help with greater adoption and better regulation of blockchain technology. The INATBA is the biggest cooperation of its kind across Europe. However, it only became operational three years ago in collaboration with the European commission.

The association’s advisory body represents the collective interest of industry players in discussing with international organizations and policymakers for the industry’s good. Some notable policymakers it consulted include the European investment bank, the Israeli national digital agency, and the Canadian government.

One notable achievement of the INATBA is its provision of clarity regarding the European Union (EU)’s proposed crypto regulation. Apart from involvement in regulatory matters, the body is involved in other research and development areas for the blockchain technology ecosystem. Such areas include the relevance and impact of blockchain technology in agriculture and supply chains, blockchain sustainability, and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

In addition, INATBA organizes virtual and physical events where its members and the general public can learn more about the industry. Many top blockchain firms are members of the INATBA, but membership is also open to TradFi firms. Notable members include Coinbase, Aave, L’Oreal, Binance, and Deutsche Borse, a TradFi firm.

Additional benefits for AllianceBlock

As a member of the INATBA, AllianceBlock believes it is an opportunity to expose its suite of DeFi solutions to various crypto and blockchain projects that may need them. It also believes it would help the company realize its primary objective of bridging the gap between decentralized finance (DeFi), traditional finance (TradFi), and crypto.

The company’s co-founder and CTO, Mathijs De Vries, commented on the development. He said it has always been the desire of AllianceBlock to work with experts with whom they share similar goals. De Vries added that the membership gives the company a chance to offer meaningful solutions to industry issues.

INATBA executive director, Ricardo Simoes, expressed his delight at having AllianceBlock as a member of the body. He believes AllianceBlock will contribute to the acceleration of positive adoption of blockchain solutions and constructive discussion with regulators.

Simoes added that AllianceBlock would bring its experience of helping TradFi firms access decentralized markets. AllianceBlock joins 140 other members of the INATBA, which includes small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and regulators. According to the blog post, it would keep members updated on its involvement with the INATBA.

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