Analysts Predict: This is the Best Token Presale of 2022; 10x Returns Possible?

ByBhupender Singh

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Best Token Presale of 2022

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It’s 2022 and many (if not all) of you who have heard of the concept of cryptocurrencies know that the best moment to buy a new cryptocurrency is right when its presale begins, just after it has been announced to the public. This is because the cost of a particular cryptocurrency is significantly reduced during the presale, and may even be lower at no other time. 

This year, investors have observed a great number of crypto presales, albeit not all cryptocurrencies have had very successful presales. 


Simply because the final outcome of a presale completely depends on some factors beyond just the price of a particular coin (fundamentals, tokenomics, utility etc.). 

One such explosive presale which everyone has noticed this year is The IMPT coin presale. When discussing, it is important to mention that this is the largest pre-sale of 2022, and that you still have time to acquire IMPT at the lowest price.

Let’s take a dive into what makes IMPT coin’s presale so explosive.

More on IMPT Token

The IMPT Token, as stated on the company’s website, is a cryptocurrency built on the blockchain with the goal of encouraging individuals and organizations to take action to improve the world’s natural resources. 

The IMPT Token is a blockchain-based token that simplifies the management of carbon credits for buyers and enterprises. IMPT has attracted a number of well-known companies and merchants in the consumer goods industry. Stores that include the IMPT app will provide a part of their proceeds to IMPT if one of their customers makes a purchase through the app.

The amount of donation will vary by brand and store, and IMPT’s app will let buyers know what those brands are giving back to charity when they shop. Since customers’ donations to IMPT are completely discretionary, they can shop at whatever brand they choose. Customers that make purchases on the IMPT platform will be rewarded with IMPT tokens which may be traded for carbon credits.

What Is Unique About IMPT?

The IMPT project’s primary goal is to facilitate the trading of carbon credits on a decentralized marketplace built on the blockchain. The use of blockchain technology is intended to offer full transparency to the market for selling carbon credits, hence reducing the likelihood of fraud and other scams. 

Every IMPT token, whether bought through the platform or received as a gift, can be exchanged for carbon credits using the IMPT platform. NFT’s representing these carbon credits can subsequently be advertised on the IMPT website. Retirement of carbon credits in exchange for popular artist NFT collectibles is another perk of IMPT. Carbon credits earned on the IMPT platform can be retired to reduce users’ carbon footprints or sold to other users.

By promoting investments in renewable energy and tackling issues like deforestation, IMPT is also attracting the attention of environment-friendly investors who want to put their money toward reversing and putting a pause on the damage done to the environment. 

The IMPT initiative hopes to prove that environmental protection and corporate success are compatible goals. Finally, IMPT hopes to encourage people all across the world to work together to combat climate change and make a good difference.

Should You Invest In The IMPT Coin Presale?

The price at which you may get an IMPT coin is perhaps the most relevant consideration at this moment for anyone considering buying one.

IMPT token is now in its presale phase. The proposed structure of the IMPT presale phase includes three distinct steps. 

In the first phase, IMPT tokens will be available to buyers at the lowest possible price, but in the second and third phases, the price of IMPT coins will rise. Currently, we are in the first phase, with the price of one IMPT coin being $0.018. The initial presale period is expected to remain until November 25th, at which point the price will increase. To begin with, 600,000,000 IMPT coins are available. 

More than 253,314,584 IMPT coins have been sold till now, making it quite probable that the first stage will conclude before November 25th. 

With almost $4,500,000 raised by the team in just a few days of the presale, it is safe to say that this is one of the largest presales in history. The second phase of the IMPT coin’s life cycle raises the price to $0.023 per coin, and the third phase raises it even further. 

So, if you’ve been wondering when to buy IMPT, the answer is now. Don’t let this chance to acquire IMPT at a low price pass you by; else, chances are that you may regret missing out on this lucrative opportunity later.


While several presales have taken place this year, few achieved the same level of success as the IMPT presale. This achievement can be attributed solely to the originality and brilliance of the platform as a whole. 

The extremely low price of IMPT coins is undoubtedly a contributing factor to their high demand. The IMPT presale has a chance to be the finest presale of 2022 if the current rate of IMPT coin sales is maintained in the next future. 

Since the price of an IMPT token will never again be as low as it is right now, everyone who has been on the fence about making a purchase should do so immediately. Grab some IMPT tokens quickly before the next phase begins and their value skyrockets (potentially giving you 10x gains). 

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