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Ankr Debuts Block Explorer Product Chainscanner to Boost Adoption of AppChains - CoinCheckup Blog

Key takeaways:

  • Ankr has announced the launch of its latest product, Chainscanner
  • Chainscanner is an all-in-one block explorer and analytics platform that makes AppChains data easily accessible to users and developers
  • Ankr seeks to foster web3 adoption with its infrastructure

Leading web3 infrastructure platform Ankr has officially rolled out a new blockchain explorer product, dubbed Chainscanner.

The launch follows plans to provide web3 users alongside developers with a rare opportunity to easily view and analyze data. The platform also seeks to allow them to easily interact with their desired chains.

Chainscanner is an all-in-one block explorer and analytics platform specifically designed to facilitate and simplify interactions among app-specific blockchains, also known as AppChains. The platform officially announced the launch of the new product via a Thursday press release. 

The birth of the Chainscanner platform was triggered by concerns to free developers from having to build block explorers and other analytics tools from scratch. Hence, developers may no longer need to use the existing costly solutions for viewing on-chain data and transactions, all thanks to the launch of ChainScanner.

The Product Manager for Ankr AppChains, Kev Silk in his comment on the new development acknowledged Chainscanner as an essential tool serving as a new building block for AppChains. 

The design it features allows user to enjoy an exclusive experience with tools that enables them instantly search for data, stake tokens, and also make governance proposals while also participating in the voting process. Among the exclusive features of Chainscanner is also the opportunity it gives users to get development resources, apply to become a validator, and learn everything about different chains.

“…This is how we make decentralized apps as easy to use and as high performance as the centralized apps we’re used to interacting with every day,” Silk explained.

The new development reflects Ankr’s commitment to building the future of decentralized web3 infrastructure. The platform understands it is important to eliminate the complexities that come with blockchain development while ensuring scalability and app-specific customization.

The debut of the new ready-made explorer solution serves as another mechanism deployed by Ankr to further boost the adoption of web3 to reach mainstream. 

Ankr also provides an end-to-end engineering solution dubbed AppChains-as-a-Service. This product allows web3 developers to easily build custom blockchains uniquely suited to their applications.

The platform believes that slow transaction speed and high gas fees are the two core challenges that are hindering the adoption of web3. Hence, it has deployed AppChains-as-a-service to help provide solution to the existing problem.

With this feature, developers can easily build their own blockchains on Sidechain frameworks like Polygon Edge, BNB Chain’s BAS and the likes. Moreso, developers can freely choose the programming languages, consensus mechanisms, and development frameworks they want to use via the AppChains-as-a-Service feature. The platform believes it has the potential to help solve the aforementioned problems.

Chainscanner represents an improvement to the AppChain services as it offers developers insights into the performance of their chain when compared to other chains in the market, as well as the supply and demand for staking.  Meanwhile, Users also have the opportunity to gather data on the staking usage of a particular chain or token to understand the efficiency of a web3 app and its popularity in the market.

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