Booky Call To Host BookyCon, World’s First Virtual Book Festival –

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Booky Call To Host BookyCon, World’s First Virtual Book Festival

Booky Call is hosting a digital book first, the largest in the world, on November 12th. The digital festival will host influential authors from across the globe with various discussion sessions.

Booky Call Opens Registration For BookyCon

Booky Call is a book discovery application camouflaged as a dating platform. The book platform is celebrating National Book Month and has decided to host BookyCon, one of the largest digital Book festivals on the globe. 

The event, which will take place in the Metaverse on November 12th, will feature author interviews, book discussion sessions, and meet-and-greet opportunities.

Brant Menswar, CEO of Booky Call, stated that the platform’s mission is to make written words come to life. Hence, the company decided to host the metaverse event to celebrate authors and their work.

As they navigate their avatars inside the digital convention environment, book lovers will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with authors, industry insiders, and the moderators of several online book clubs. 

They may go to a virtual bookshop, make product purchases and participate in a book review discussion in a digital bar. Additionally, they can take part in fireside meet-and-greets when an event ends.

Other book publishing and review entities will also feature at the virtual event. For instance, the Women in Publishing Summit and the Independent Book Publishers Association will hold exhibit booths.

Famous Authors Who Will Be At BookyCon 

Also, the BookTok Baddies and the Book Reviews of Book Nerds will host Book Club Bars. Both groups are popular on Facebook. Meanwhile, the report stated that various authors would be in attendance. Among them are Lexi Blake and Jennifer Armentrout, two bestselling romance authors in New York Times. 

In addition, Mary Katherine Backstrom (a bestselling non-fiction author and viral sensation), Nathan Monk (a famous author and social advocate), and M.J. Rose are some of the influential authors who will be at the virtual book festival. 

Moreover, Monk, the famous author of “Russian Sleeper Cell” and “All Saints Hotel and Cocktail Lounge,” said he is happy to meet new fans and re-engage with existing ones. Monk stated that he is looking forward to the event, the vibes, and the thrills it will offer.

Other authors who will grace the event are Emily Blackwood, Emilia Ares, Sophie Strand, Katalina Gamarra, Amber Brown, Danielle Brown, Natasha Miller, Sasha Alsberg, and a host of others.

Over 3,000 Tickets Available For Sale 

Meanwhile, registration for the BookyCon is free. There are tickets on sale for 3,000 readers who are interested in attending the virtual event from the convenience of their own homes. 

They are accessible on a first-come, first-served basis through the organization’s website Those who want to be part of the virtual meeting can get their tickets from the website.

Booky Call is one of the leading book discovery apps available on Google Play and App Store. It mixes the psychology and practicality of dating sites with unique “personalized” dating accounts for thousands of non-fiction and fiction titles.

Since its introduction in September 2021, Booky Call has assisted readers in the groundbreaking process of discovering and engaging with books, which has resulted in the creation of almost one million book pairings.

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