Dash 2 Trade Presale Update: Raises close to $1 million in less than 2 days

ByBhupender Singh

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Dash 2 Trade Presale

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The revolutionary potential of Dash 2 Trade lies in the fact that it makes everything fair and transparent between seasoned traders and amateurs by offering a plethora of tools to enable rookie traders to make smarter investments. Investors are intrigued by the platform’s social trading options and AI-based market swing monitoring, as well as its own score methodology for presales and ICOs, which weighs in hitherto indeterminate criteria like team expertise and product performance abilities.

Revolutionary UI to Fulfill Every Traders Needs

The core of the product is an all-inclusive dashboard that enables the analysis of all present and future crypto assets. After months of work, the minimum viable product for the enterprise-level toolkit is ready to go live as soon as the presale concludes.

The layered feature of Dash 2 Trade allows users to discover answers to important questions such as whether or not a smart contract has been audited, the number of pull requests on a project’s GitHub repository, the number of interactions with smart contracts, and so on.

There are many competing services in the market for traders’ attention, and Dash 2 Trade is one of them that offer instructional, research, analytical, and signal-based tools. Keeping all these things in mind, Dash 2 Trade is taking a whole new approach, unlike its competitors.

A One-Stop-Shop For All of A Crypto Trader’s Needs That Doesn’t Sacrifice Speed or Security

While doing so, Dash 2 Trade also opens up new avenues for gaining actionable insights into hitherto unexplored market niches.

Dash 2 Trade’s concentration on presales and ICOs is a unique selling point since, just like in the stock markets, some of the best rewards may be found in the under-researched parts of the market.

You can check out more details about Dash 2 Trade in the official whitepaper. 

70,000 Strong Members and Growing

The team’s history in the Learn 2 Trade network of 70,000 traders, built up over the previous three years, is undoubtedly also a component that is fueling curiosity in the platform.

Dash 2 Trade has been able to create a system that closely matches the needs of retail traders because of the experience of traders, quants, and developers in the front lines of crypto trading, providing education, research, and trading recommendations to 40,000 daily active users.

Dash 2 Trade’s automated algorithms allow ordinary traders access to the same resources often reserved for institutional investors, which is particularly useful given the breadth of factors to consider while doing a basic due diligence review of a digital asset network.

How far can this crypto grow? Check out our Dash 2 Trade price prediction to get the info.

Plethora of Subscription Options

Access to Dash 2 Trade is provided at no cost, although the Starter tier costs 400 D2T per month and the Professional tier costs 1,000 D2T per month.

The presale consists of nine tiers, with increasing token prices at each tier. Only 700 million D2T tokens, out of a possible issue of 1 billion, will be made available for the presale. There are now 35 million tokens in circulation with a price tag of $0.0476, and a $40 million hard cap target.

In the second round of the presale, the cost of a D2T token increases to $0.050. Pre-sale tokens can be acquired by linking a cryptocurrency wallet to the Dash 2 Trade platform. SolidProof has performed a comprehensive audit of the Dash 2 Trade smart contract code, and CoinSniper has validated the legitimacy of the team.

If you’re looking for a project with huge upsides in the near future, now is a chance to move in early with this project. Join the presale before you lose the discount price of stage 1.

Dash 2 Trade – High Potential Presale

  • Active Presale Live Now – dash2trade.com
  • Native Token of Crypto Signals Ecosystem
  • KYC Verified & Audited

Dash 2 Trade

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