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FalconX Launches a Crypto Investment and Risk Management Solution for Institutions

FalconX is launching FalconX 360, a unified cryptocurrency investment and risk management platform for institutional investors. It is designed to offer users full-spectrum trade execution capabilities and end-to-end reporting across their digital asset portfolios.

FalconX 360 is Now Live 

With more and more institutional investors now making inroads into blockchain technology and the burgeoning decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, the need for highly functional enterprise-grade digital asset trading and portfolio management solutions has become important more than ever.

FalconX, a fully comprehensive digital asset platform that claims to be focused on onboarding the next billion users into the cryptoverse with its crypto-as-a-service offerings that power banks, FinTech firms, and others, has unveiled FalconX 360.

According to an October 13, 2022, press release by the firm, the new FalconX 360 solution is a first-of-its-kind crypto investment and risk management platform designed to offer institutional investors full-spectrum trade execution plus end-to-end reporting across their entire digital asset portfolio.

The team says the new FalconX 360 solution allows institutional investors to access cross-margin trading across their crypto investments, 94 percent of the global digital assets market liquidity, institutional crypto staking, as well as position and post-trade data for over-the-counter (OTC) trades.

Real-Time Asset Monitoring and Risk Management 

FalconX claims its new product is designed to help users mitigate the operational, market, and counter-party risks that stem from increased crypto markets volatility by making it possible for crypto traders and portfolio managers to monitor and manage these risks in real time across their portfolios.

Straight from the FalconX 360 platform, users can have a unified view of their assets and liabilities across a vast array of exchanges and crypto investment platforms, giving them optimal operational efficiency.

Samir Gosh, Head of Product at FalconX said:

“Institutions just lost over $2 billion with the largest deleveraging in the crypto market we’ve ever seen, and investors are hungry for a solution to mitigate risk and properly balance their portfolio to protect their positions and their client’s interests. FalconX 360 is the answer, with our built-in treasury management solution and cross-portfolio margin tools, investors now have the ability to optimize their market exposure through a single, simplified portal with unprecedented stability, visibility, security, and risk controls.”

In addition to offering institutional investors real-time portfolio tracking and risk management, the team has made it clear that the FalconX 360 platform comes with a new Orderbook module that enables investors to trade directly with FalconX, thereby enjoying the best asset prices across global liquidity venues.

Users will also have access to FalconX’s blockchain analytics product and insights based on historical trading, enabling them to formulate better trading strategies and maximize returns.

Despite the devastating crypto winter, investor confidence in FalconX has remained solid so far, as evidenced by the firm’s hugely successful Series D funding round of $150 million earlier in June 2022, and the launch of FalconX 360 will no doubt contribute positively to the company’s continued growth.

At press time, the combined market capitalization of the cryptocurrency markets sits at $939.26 billion, with the Bitcoin (BTC) price trading at around $19,772.

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