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HashCash to Offer White-Label Crypto Payment Solutions to a Brazilian Startup

With the global financial ecosystem changing, blockchain has played a vital role through its innovative payment processors. The popular blockchain solutions provider, HashCash Consultants, is at the forefront of providing scalable payment processors to crypto-based enterprises.

HashCash Provides Crypto White-Label Payment System to Brazilian Firm

As companies worldwide continue to integrate blockchain technology into their operations, the potential of this change is good for many reasons. Several countries have, through their central banks, started building their blockchain-based central bank digital currencies (CBDC) to kick-start their foray into the digital payment landscape. 

To leverage the current efforts of both public and private institutions, HashCash has offered its White-Label crypto payment system to a Brazilian fintech.

As per HashCash CEO Raj Chowdhury, authorities improved the global crypto industry thanks to a logical regulatory framework that captured the essence of its use cases. 

“The potential of cryptocurrency is not in doubt, as is evidenced by the engagement of global corporate brands and countries,” said Chowdhury.

Meanwhile, HashCash’s White-Label processor will allow institutional players to offer crypto payment services to customers and earn modest commissions in the process.

The firm’s payment gateway, Billbitcoins, has a unique user interface for easy navigation. Companies seeking to leverage business opportunities using the White-Label protocol can also access HashCash’s features on its native platform, Billbitcoins.

Emphasizing system security, the U.S.-based company has a well-designed cybersecurity architecture with multi-feature integrations to ensure maximum protection.

What to Expect from the White-Label

The protocol provides a secure, ultra-fast international transaction alongside real-time visibility to ensure convenient crypto payments. Tye HashCash executive noted that the processor comes with vast business opportunities for enterprises to explore as they continue trading digital assets. 

Accordingly, its solution has already been deployed in more than 26 countries worldwide. In addition, HashCash’s White-Label Solutions come with multiple applications across several industries. The firm has enjoyed positive comments from Singapore, Vietnam, to Ireland about its scalable payment systems.

Furthermore, the company is currently eyeing more expansion to other regions and platforms, with the Metaverse and Web3 being other areas of interest.

As digital payments continue to gain acceptance from the global business community across diverse industries, integrating crypto payments can help enterprises optimize their financial systems. 

A growing number of the young generation of tech-savvy individuals are increasingly opting for crypto payment. The current trend shows more preference for crypto transactions than credit cards.

Introducing HashCash

HashCash is an international software development company based in Palo Alto, California. The company is also into blockchain-based product development for enterprise payment solutions. 

HashCash also managed a crypto exchange, PayBito, alongside a digital asset payment processing platform, Billbitcoins. The company offers exchange and payment processing software products and ICO services. 

The company seeks to expand the advancement in payment technology by tackling challenges and providing innovative digital services to clients.

It provides remittance services for the cross-border movement of funds and allows businesses to move funds in real time through blockchain technology. Hashcash is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) developer thanks to its high-quality IoT technology. 

For big data, HashCash is also one of the global players offering companies data analytics services to mold their business prospects.

Meanwhile, the company has offered a crypto payment processor to an anonymous Brazilian firm.

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