Here’s Why Ex-US Congressional Candidate Predicts a “Parabolic” Rally for Shiba Inu

ByBhupender Singh

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Ex-US Congressional candidate David Gokhshtein believes SHIB will stage a massive rally when the next bull run greets the markets.

Due to market cycles, the community doesn’t always face a bull market, but when it does occur, it serves as a catalyst for massive rallies from several assets. The next bull run might be further away than many expect, but several market watchers are already picking favorites for when it comes.

In particular, David Gokhshtein – founder of Gokhshtein Media and former US Congressional candidate – seems to be rooting for Shiba Inu (SHIB). When the bull market emerges, it becomes a question of which asset will stage the biggest comebacks. Gokhshtein has his bet on SHIB.

“Everyone is beefing and I’m like thinking DOGE and SHIB going to go parabolic during the next bull run,” Gokhshtein noted in a statement from his official Twitter handle on Thursday.


Gokhshtein who remains largely active on the aves-themed social platform, has been remarkably vocal about his advocacy for SHIB. Much like billionaire Elon Musk did with Dogecoin, Gokhshtein has seized every opportunity to endorse Shiba Inu despite the effects of the bearish atmosphere on the asset.

Gokhshtein recently expressed his regret regarding his purchase attitude towards SHIB. In a tweet just last week, the 40-year-old entrepreneur mentioned that he ought to have put all his cards on SHIB regarding meme coins. “When it came to meme tokens, should have just went all in on SHIB,” Gokhshtein remarked.


Besides leveraging Twitter as an avenue for SHIB endorsement, Gokhshtein has also expressed his advocacy for the Shib in interviews. In a recent interview with U Today, he discussed several mainstream crypto assets and his stance on the markets. Gokhshtein commended the Shiba team on the developments put into the project, which have ensured its survival, especially in this bear market.

He rued his initial apathy towards the asset when he was first introduced to it. 

‘When it first came out, I wasn’t interested, cause I’m like, “We already have Dogecoin, and Dogecoin effectively did a great job at that point, in 2021 with the whole meme economy,”‘ he said.

Gokhshtein admitted that he was advised to invest as little as $500 in SHIB, which he declined – a decision he now regrets, looking back at it. He highlighted that he could have made a few million if he had taken the investment advice. “I didn’t go in; I was a purist and wasn’t open-minded, but then I became open-minded,” he added.

He further highlighted the massive work the Shiba Inu team put in, noting that the hard work put into developing the asset will be a patent for the broader crypto community before long. Shiba has been attracting much attention of late as developments see an uptick.

“I think the Shiba dev team has done a great job building.”

He also confirmed that he holds Shiba Inu and loves the Shib community.

I’m very bullish on SHIB. I hold SHIB by the way, but I’m very, very bullish. I like the community. They’re tough, a tough bunch of people. They went in, obviously, to make money, but they stayed because they’re in love with the ecosystem.”

Last week, global payments firm BlueSnap partnered with top crypto payment provider BitPay to facilitate SHIB payments as it moves to enable businesses to accept Shib as payment from clients. Additionally, recent data from security research firm CertiK places Shiba Inu as the second most secure crypto project, only behind Polygon, as The Crypto Basic previously reported.

Amidst these encouraging reports, SHIB has remained in consolidation below $0.000011 since October 10. Following a rally to $0.000017 mid-August, the asset has been hit hard by the bears below expected levels. 

Notwithstanding, SHIB has steadied itself at the $0.000010 support, only dipping below it last week before summarily seeing a rebound. The asset is currently changing hands at $0.00001002, down 1.3% in the past 24 hours,

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