IMPT surpasses $5 million Under 2 Weeks—Where to Buy IMPT Token?

ByBhupender Singh

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IMPT Surpasses $5 million

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Ever since the presale began, The IMPT has been making a noise in the crypto market. With the recent development, IMPT has received $5 million from ESG-conscious investors in only two weeks since its presale began.

With the launch of, their main mission is to radically alter the carbon credit business by making carbon offsetting easily accessible. This is the reason the IMPT presale is the most successful presale this year.

IMPT Simplifies Carbon offsetting Just like Shopping Your Favorite Items uses a blockchain-based offset system which will help simplify the process of managing carbon credits for anyone and everyone.

There will be a large number of well-known consumer companies participating in this effort with the network. Several affiliate cooperation agreements have been formed with behemoths such as Amazon. What this implies for the environment is that anyone who makes a purchase at Amazon using the IMPT widget will inadvertently contribute to the cause.

Apart from Amazon, the other major companies that have joined hands in this cause is eBay, GameStop, Microsoft, Bloomingdales, Electrolux, Macy’s, and River Island.

How this works is that each merchant using the app will give a certain percentage of their proceeds to the cause. The amount donated by a brand to’s predetermined audited ESG initiatives is entirely up to the store.

By doing a comparative analysis of the profit margins of several businesses who are involved in environmentally friendly initiatives, customers will be able to lockdown on a preferred brand and the tokens earned through’ shopping app may be redeemed for carbon credits.

How Does IMPT Work?

The second primary component of the idea is to make it possible for carbon credits to be retired, bought and sold on a market that is built using the blockchain technology. This in-turn helps in putting an end to fraudulent activities in the trade of carbon credits and making everything transparent.

Carbon credits may be purchased using IMPT tokens and then placed on the marketplace as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Furthermore, retiring carbon credits can be rewarded with IMPT tokens, which are valuable NFTs produced by established artists.

When it comes to retiring your carbon credits, they must be burnt — which means that they have to be sent to a special address which is created for the purpose of only receiving tokens. The idea is of creating this address is to completely remove such token from circulation.

Buyers can purchase IMPT tokens directly from the IMPT website, in addition to earning them as they make purchases. Carbon credits can be burned to reduce one’s carbon impact in exchange for an NFT, or they can be sold on the IMPT exchange.

IMPT Made Environmental Protection a Lucrative Opportunity for Businesses and Individuals

Supporting ecological initiatives like renewable energy and reducing deforestation is one way IMPT attracts ESG-focused investors.

This doesn’t mean that they are not making a profit doing the same. After all there is a large team at the backend who is working tirelessly to make sure everything works seamlessly.

The project’s most significant strategic contribution is demonstrating how that hypothesis may be made a practical reality for consumers, merchants, and financiers.

ESG A $30 Trillion Prospect

By 2030, ESG assets, according to Broadridge Financial Solutions, may be worth as much as $30 trillion.

When it comes to tackling planet Earth’s environmental issues, large problems require ambitious yet innovative solutions.  That is what IMPT is working towards. The team at IMP T is led by CEO Denis Creighton who has extensive expertise in the business world.

In the long run with the support of IMPT, we can all have a positive effect on the environment, which will enhance the critical mission of preserving and bettering our planet.

Consumers are no longer the problem when IMPT is implemented. Connecting a cryptocurrency wallet to and buying IMPT with ETH or USDT is all that is required for anybody interested in becoming a participant in the blockchain-based environmental movement.

Consumer who don’t have ETH, but are still interested in being a part of this cause can do so by buying IMPT tokens on the website with the help of a credit card in a safe and secure manner.

IMPT is being offered at a discount of 18% in this initial stage of the presale. After the initial $10.8 million in tokens are sold, the second stage will begin, and the price will increase to $0.023.

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