Invest In Oryen Network, Ethereum Classic, Cosmos And Decentraland And You Can Be Rich

ByBhupender Singh

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Invest In Oryen Network, Ethereum Classic, Cosmos And Decentraland And You Can Be Rich

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High Risk – High Reward. That’s what the cryptocurrency market is all about. There’s no denying that some of the best cryptos have garnered millions for investors. And at the same time, many have lost significant amounts trying to get rich. While generating massive returns in crypto is possible, proper research is the key to achieving maximum gains. Below are some sought-after cryptos that can actually make you rich within a long time horizon!

Oryen Network (ORY)

Oryen Network is a brand new DeFi space entry that guarantees every investor a 90% fixed APY. This is made possible through a revolutionary Autostaking technic that applies a positive rebase formula to generate consistently high returns. The protocol’s treasury supports this mechanism, thanks to the accumulation of funds from taxes on each trade. Unlike the traditional staking system, there’s no need to migrate the $ORY tokens to any other wallet. While it is still in the presale phase, the project has attracted the attention of big players in the industry. There’s every chance that Oryen may multiply your investment in a few months.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic combines the philosophy of Bitcoin with the technology of Ethereum to offer a truly decentralized smart contract platform. It was created as a split of the original Ethereum, with the Classic preserving the ancient code of the blockchain that existed before the DAO fiasco. ETC, the native token of the ecosystem, is mainly used to pay for decentralized computations, transactions, and smart contract deployments. It aims to be a store of value like Bitcoin, which can also be used in global payment services.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Built with the idea to implement the internet of blockchains, Cosmos enables seamless communication between two systems. It eliminates the need for a centralized server and facilitates secure interoperability with its IBC protocol and Tendermint Consensus algorithm. By doing this, it solves three of the biggest problems in the blockchain space, including scalability, sustainability, and sovereignty. ATOM is the governance token of the ecosystem that also contributes to economic security. One can earn rewards for staking it or can participate in future proposals.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is one of the most renowned projects in the metaverse space where virtual reality meets blockchain technology. Unlike other online games, it offers direct control to the players through a DAO mechanism, where every holder is a decision-maker. NFTs represent a key component of the game, including virtual land, clothes, and other items. Besides gaming, Decentraland has multiple use cases, including app development, advertising, and content curation. MANA is the digital currency of the ecosystem, which grants voting power in the DAO.


If you want to be filthy rich with cryptocurrencies, you got to spend some time understanding the fundamentals. Investing in proven projects Like Cosmos and Decentraland may give you assurance, but it’s always worth giving a chance to low-cap gems like Oryen. The choice is yours!

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