Oscar award-winning actor, Anthony Hopkins, releases an NFT collection

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Oscar award-winning actor, Anthony Hopkins, releases an NFT collection

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Anthony Hopkins, an Oscar award-winning actor, has joined the list of celebrities releasing non-fungible token (NFT) collections. The NFT collection, dubbed “The Eternal Collection, ” sold out in less than 10 minutes.

Anthony Hopkins releases an NFT collection

Hopkins released this NFT collection through a partnership with Orange Comet Inc. Orange Comet Inc is an NFT and Web3 design company. The NFT collection features 100 cinematic art pieces that are all original.

The collection has been inspired by the different performances that the actor has had throughout his career. The description of this collection on the OpenSea NFT marketplace shows that the work has conceptualized an interpretation of the different characters that Hopkins has had during his film career.

The OpenSea description has also added that the collection draws “its potent energy from his stimulating body of art.” The visuals and animations of this collection include several names such as “The Jester,” “The Lover,” The Rebel,” “The Giver,” “The Ruler,” and “The Eternal.”

Each piece in the collection represents the different archetypal characters that Hopkins has played during his acting career in Hollywood.

Hopkins NFT collection sells out in less than 10 minutes

As aforementioned, Hopkins released this NFT collection with the help of Orange Comet Inc. The NFT and web-3-focused agency said the collection sold out the fastest on the OpenSea marketplace.

Hopkins took to Twitter to thank the community for the overwhelming support he received in launching this collection, adding that he still could not believe the success recorded by the collection. “Thank you everyone. I woke up this morning to this news, and I still can’t believe it.”

The NFT images displayed in this collection are one-of-one that also have randomly chosen utilities. Users holding these NFTs can enjoy perks such as getting autographed dreamscapes and art books featuring the actors’ paintings and drawings.

Some of these NFTs will also allow the holders to hold private discussions with the actor through Zoom. Users will also receive random selections of personalized NFTs that contain a message from the actor. These personalized NFTs will be airdropped into their wallets.

The utility offered by these NFTs could be one of the key reasons why the NFTs sold out as fast as they did. Moreover, Hopkins’ fame in acting gives him a global reach that could translate to a large market. While the organization that partnered with Hopkins to release the collection said that it was the fastest-selling on OpenSea, the accuracy of this claim is yet to be verified.


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