PIP.me allows users to customize eWeb3 Pages with Pip.me 2.0 launch 

ByBhupender Singh

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PIP.me allows users to customize eWeb3 Pages with Pip.me 2.0 launch 

  • PIP launches new social payment platform, Pip.me 2.0. 
  • The platform features customized tag options for crypto payments.

Solana-based Web3 payment platform PIP has launched Pip.me 2.0. The new platform has refined people’s perspectives of cryptocurrencies. PIP helps to connect and build people’s lives into Web3. Also, the social platform allows users to make payments, embed NFTs, and arrange social media accounts. 

The platform has restructured the crypto payments method by eliminating the need for wallet addresses to send and receive payments. Instead, users can claim unique PIP tags and share them anywhere online for swift payments. The payment interface supports major blockchains such as Binance and Solana. More interestingly, these tags can connect to social profiles and NFT modules. Users can also share content using their unique tags. Following the 2.0 unveiling, the PIP.me team plans to introduce additional tag functions. 

Pip.me 2.0 provides another spectacular solution where every PIP user has access to the new solution that functions as a personalized eWEb3 page. The new solution allows users to access the Web3 website at no cost and customize every component. As an added advantage, users can gain access without formal web knowledge. 

The CEO of PIP, Jeff Baek, spoke about the benefit of the upgraded solution.

PIP.me connects online identity with crypto payments so that anyone can interact financially with people across the globe, fostering a global micro-payment economy.

Outstanding features of Pip.me 2.0

The launch of the first version of the Web3 social platform, Pip.me 1.0, was successful and functioned effectively afterward. However, PIP core developers are keen on making more important improvements to the Web3 solution platform. As expected, they released an upgraded version of the platform, Pip.me 2.0. The newly launched platform visualized the native functionality of the team’s concept. Although Pip.me 2.0 is compatible with older Pip.me addresses, it features other fascinating functions. 

Pip.me 2.0 solution allows users to embed single or multiple NFT assets directly from other NFT exchanges like OpenSea, Looksrare, and Magic Eden. Users can also display their links and social media accounts on the platform. Furthermore, PIP users can easily send and receive payments from desktop and mobile devices. They can easily make use of the new customized tag system to perform transactions with ease. 

Besides these, the upgraded PIP.me platform allows for an effortless importation of links from external websites. Users can easily introduce their Linktree to Pip.me by following a few steps.

In addition, they can also add PIP payments as an extension to desktop browsers. The platform features a no-code crypto payment button that is accessible to everyone. Page owners can use PIP buttons on all websites and platforms, such as Webflow, Wix, React, WordPress, and so on. Users can select their preferred currency, customize the button designs and embed the buttons using HTML or React. The button supports Solana-based transactions for assets like SOL, USDC, PIP, and so forth.


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