Shopify now supports Tezos NFTs after Taco Labs integration

ByBhupender Singh

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  • The Tezos NFT ecosystem rose in popularity in the last 12 months because of its energy efficiency and low minting cost.
  • The new integration of Tezos into the Taco app enables Shopify merchants to connect with the Tezos NFT community.

Web3 automation platform, Taco Labs, announced an integration between its Taco app and the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain. The partnership allows Shopify users to easily access Tezos’ NFTs (non-fungible tokens). As a result, Shopify has positioned itself as the best choice for brands exploring the Web3 space.

Now, brands can integrate Web3 solutions like NFTs to boost customer engagement. Also, Shopify and other e-com platforms can offer services to their merchants using Taco app plugins. In addition, the NFT loyalty programs help strengthen brands’ bonds with their customers.

Thus, enabling better customer retention and engagement. Furthermore, the Tezos blockchain can offer special discounts, experiences, and prizes to their loyal customers through the new integration. Future Kimonos CEO, James McCombe, commented on the latest integration, saying,

We were excited at ease with which we airdropped Tezos NFTs during the recent ADDC World Championship. We could add reward members and add utility instantly. Also, we shared exclusive prizes and giveaways easily. Moreover, we recorded these achievements quickly without writing any code.

Accessing an ever-expanding community

Following the new integration between the Taco app and Tezos, Shopify merchants worldwide have a new way to engage their customers and link up with a community growing at a fast rate (the Tezos NFT community). Recently, Shopify launched a connect-to-consumer initiative under which it announced a new reward system named Tokengate.

Specific merchant partners can use the token gate to launch exclusive goods for NFT market players. Shopify has been at the forefront of exploring the crypto and Web3 space and utilizing blockchain technology. The popular eCom platform was one of the first traditional platforms to start supporting Bitcoin payments through the lightning network.

The diverse NFT community of collectors, builders, and artists has been attracted to Tezos’ energy-efficient infrastructure. Apart from charging low transaction fees, NFT minting on the Tezos blockchain is also affordable. The energy efficiency of this blockchain is also one reason for its growing popularity for NFT integration.

For instance, the popular gaming platform, Ubisoft, launched a gaming rewards program last year through integration with Tezos’ NFTs. TrilliTech’s Commercial Director, Edward Adlard, said Tezos had created the enabling conditions for innovation because of energy efficiency and low gas fees. In addition, the fast growth of the NFT market caused a spike in smart contract transactions and on-chain activity on the proof-of-stake Tezos blockchain.

In the first quarter of this year, the platform recorded 50,000 transactions daily, a huge rise compared to January 2021, when it struggled to achieve 10,000 transactions daily. Tezos aims to keep adopting innovations without disrupting current network systems. The blockchain continues redefining how people hold and exchange value in a world becoming more digitized by the day.

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