Shopify users to access Tezos NFTs through Taco’s NFT loyalty program

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Shopify users to access Tezos NFTs through Taco’s NFT loyalty program

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The Tezos blockchain has unveiled a partnership with Taco, a web3 automation platform. This partnership aims to allow Shopify users to access Tezos non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through Taco’s NFT loyalty program.

Shopify users to access Tezos NFTs via Taco’s NFT loyalty program

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce shopping platforms. The company is one of the brands positioning itself in the buzzing web3 sector.

The Taco app supports brands that want to tap into web3 solutions like NFTs. NFTs and other offerings in the web3 sector have been touted as innovative ways to boost customer engagement. The Shopify platform uses Taco app plugins to allow merchants to access these services.

NFT loyalty programs allow brands to strengthen the relationships they have with consumers. They also aid in improving customer engagement while supporting customer retention.

The latest move to integrate Tezos NFTs will allow the blockchain network to use NFTs to reward loyal customers by giving them access to special offers, discounts, and experiences.

The latest move to integrate the Tezos blockchain within the Taco app will allow Shopify merchants across different countries to have a new way of interacting with customers and link them to the growing Tezos NFT community.

As aforementioned, Shopify has been pushing its brand into the web3 sector. In June, the e-commerce giant launched a new reward system called Tokengate. The reward system would be part of the connect-to-customer initiative.

Tokengate enabled selected merchants to launch exclusive goods for NFT stakeholders. Shopify was among the first companies that integrated Bitcoin payments and the Lightning scaling solution into its platform.

Adoption of the Tezos blockchain

The Tezos blockchain is touted for its energy-efficient nature. Moreover, the network also supports low-cost NFT minting because of its low transaction fees. Tezos has attracted a vast NFT community comprising global artists, collectors, and creators.

Tezos has also received notable adoption because of the energy-efficient nature of its blockchain. The blockchain has become the go-to platform for NFT integration by having an energy-efficient consensus.

One of the largest gaming companies, Ubisoft, has integrated Tezos NFTs. The NFTs were used for Ubisoft’s gaming rewards issued towards the end of last year.

The growing adoption of the Tezos blockchain has led to the proof-of-stake network reporting an impressive spike in on-chain activity and innovative contract transactions. This rise is attributed to the expanding Tezos NFT community.

During the first quarter of 2022, Tezos reported 50,000 daily transactions. This notably increased compared to the 10,000 daily transactions reported in January 2021. The growth of the Tezos blockchain this year is also impressive, as most networks have seen a drop in on-chain activity because of the bear market.


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