The trading bot that outperforms BTC and ETH shares altcoin portfolio for massive profit

ByBhupender Singh

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  • The Real Vision bot makes algorithmic portfolio assessments based on key market surveys.
  • An ex-Goldman Sachs executive says the bot’s performance is 20 percent better than the top 20 crypto assets.

Despite the current crypto winter, the trading bot, which gained popularity for outperforming the crypto market, has released its latest portfolio allocations. Each week, the Real Vision bot assesses portfolios algorithmically through surveys. Then, it uses this compilation to generate a “hive mind” consensus.

In its new allocation, the bot disclosed that nearly 56 percent of investors had added more Ethereum (ETH) to their portfolios. An indication of a huge preference for the second-leading digital asset by investors. The bot added that 41 percent of investors had overweighted their portfolios with BTC.

Hence, the leading digital asset is the second most preferred crypto by investors. Ethereum layer-2 solution, Polygon (MATIC), layer-1 smart contract platform, Solana (SOL), and USD-pegged stablecoin, USDC (the US Dollar coin issued by Circle) round up the bot’s top five allocations. They occupy the third, fourth, and fifth positions, respectively. MATIC has about 34 percent allocation, SOL has 26.7 percent, while the USDC has a 21 percent allocation.


About the Real Vision bot

Ex-Goldman Sachs executive, Raoul Pal is the founder of Real Vision, while Moritz Heiden and Moritz Seibert co-developed the bot. Heiden is a statistician, while Seibert is a quant analyst. The co-developers said there is always a hidden truth behind those predictions, even though they may seem ambiguous at the time they are made.

Pal (an ex-executive at Goldman Sachs) said he is in awe of the bot’s history of “astonishing performances.” He claimed that the bot has a 20 percent better performance than the combined top 20 crypto assets. The Real Vision bot started as one of the innovations of AI in the crypto space. The bot makes its predictions off a compilation of data from interviews with experts in the financial investment sector.

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Every week, the bot uses data from two surveys, the Real Vision exchange macro survey, and the company’s crypto survey. Each of these surveys differs in the information that they request. For example, the macro survey asks a time-specific outlook from traders, while the crypto survey wants traders to disclose their underweighted or overweighted portfolios.

The survey is open to anyone and is accessible throughout the day. The Real Vision exchange compiles the results of these surveys and compares them with the analysis of its experts. There are several other crypto trading bots on the market apart from the Real Vision bot. Many traders prefer to use these bots to automate their trades since it doesn’t trade with emotions.

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