Top Eco-friendly Crypto for 10X returns in 20

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Top Eco-friendly crypto

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One of the most impactful blockchain concepts that have been gaining traction lately is that of Eco-friendly cryptocurrencies. With the increasing growth of the blockchain sector, there has been a surging demand for projects that can be sustainable in nature. For the same reason, top Eco-friendly cryptos have been introduced into the market in decent quantities in the past. However, it has been seen historically that most of these have simply been cash-grab opportunities for developers.

Despite these activities, investors have actively demanded and have been looking for tokens that can provide real value while contributing to a better environment. This requirement has now caused pre-existing projects too, to take a greener approach in the future developments of their operations.

Although several such new projects have flooded the market recently, only some have managed to position themselves as high-fundamental ecosystems. We will be looking at one such top eco-friendly crypto further in the article. But before that, it is important to understand why the need for such projects is at an all-time high.

The need for Eco-friendly crypto

After cryptocurrencies went mainstream, discussion around the promise and potential they hold surged. This naturally also gave chance for massive criticism. While blockchain does, like any other asset class have its disadvantages, the most talked about was its environmental hazards.

Cryptocurrencies of most types need to be mined. This activity is carried out by high energy-consuming computers over various locations. This amount of energy used and the carbon footprint is one of the biggest issues that every opposing party has, regarding cryptocurrencies.

On the global level. major financial organizations and critics have constantly slammed bitcoin and other altcoins for the quantity of energy required too. For instance, a single transaction on Bitcoin today requires around 1449 kWh which the 50 days’ worth of electricity for an average US household. In the case of Ethereum too, the energy required to even carry out transactions is massive.

The carbon emissions from cryptocurrencies collectively add up to a number that makes a topic for discussion itself. Thus, the need for eco-friendly cryptocurrencies increases naturally. However, under the current market conditions, any project that boasts of being green needs to have high fundamentals. This is because while the eco-friendly factor may surely rope in customers, it is only true utility that will help the project sustain its business.

As mentioned above, one of the top eco-friendly cryptos which may be set to reward investors with massive returns in 2023 may be This recently launched project has managed to gain popularity within a very short span of time. This is thanks to its utility along with the environment-friendly factor.

Headed by Denis Creighton and a group of experienced professionals, is an innovative approach to making blockchain greener. allows users to participate in an impactful carbon offset program, that will contribute towards hugely helping the environment.

This is made possible by the ecosystem’s ability to connect socially responsible brands with businesses and consumers interested in decreasing their carbon footprint. More than 10,000 brands have agreed to become part of the ecosystem so far.

By shopping on or buying carbon credits from the marketplace, one can collect carbon credits. It uses blockchain technology to enable users to buy, sell, and retire carbon credits without double counting. Through Web3 incentivization, paves the way for the mass adoption of carbon offsetting. As long as the project proceeds as planned, it could inspire more people to take action against global warming. crypto

Currently, the project is in its presale phase and has been selling out at a rather quick speed. Within less than 3 weeks, has managed to raise over $6.7 million worth of IMPT tokens, thanks to its highly dedicated community. It has also been featured on various major cryptocurrency media platforms, contributing towards the successful presale run. The contract code for has been verified by Coinsniper, making it a trustable asset too.

About IMPT’s potential

As mentioned above, actions to battle the environmental hazards posed by cryptocurrencies are being taken every day. Ethereum recently had the Merge event, where it shifted from the PoW(Proof of Work) consensus to the PoS(Proof of Stake) consensus. This enabled it to lower energy consumption by over 99%.

Thus, at a time when even the major projects have been looking for ways to become more pro-environment, one must note the importance a project like holds. Not only is it a straightforward contributor to a better environment, but is also high on utility features. The speed at which it is being sold out in the presale also shows the demand for such a project.

As the bear market may come to an end, it is highly likely that some of the first categories to spike in value may include eco-friendly projects. In that case, a token like IMPT would be among the few truly fundamental tokens to take off.

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